1997: Genie Court retired (with a party of appreciation held at Yoken's Restaurant)

1997: CO-Directors - Mary Griffin and Rudy Pivovar
Venue - Salem High School, Geremonty Drive, Salem NH (April 20, 1997)
MC's - Mary Griffin and Rudy Pasquale
Judges - Brenda Mercier, Anthony Pasquale, Mary Fitzgerald, Lisa J. Evarts and David Garmel-Meltzer 
Contestants - 
    Bernandine Marie Dixon - Milford, NH
    Betty Thomas - Candia, NH 
    Eleanor M. Quinn - Nashua, NH
    Jackie Elsemore - Derry, NH
    Elizabeth Welch - Milford, NH
    Nacy Minnich - Goffstown, NH
    Rita Zaccone - Nashua, NH
    Sheila J. Williams - Sandown, NH
    Karen Roberts Walker - Nashua NH
    Mary Barker - Stratham, NH
    Gloria Carpenito - Salem, NH
    Bernice Anderson - Hollis, NH
    Dorothea Gilleran - Manchester, NH
    Eugenia Hill - Salem, NH
Winner - Karen Roberts Walker, Ms. NH Senior America 1997 + (2nd runner-up at National Pageant

1998: Directors: Mary Griffin and Pat Randazzo
Venue - Promises To Keep - Derry, NH (May 2, 1998)
MC's - Mary Griffin / Pat Randazzo
Judges - Lisa Evarts, Rudy Pivovar, Robb Moylan, David Kolifrath,
Kathryn (Kate) Mason, and David Garmel-Meltzer (Alternate)
Contestants - 
    Dorothea Gilleran - Manchester, NH
    Eugenia Hill - Salem, NH
    Jackie Elsmore - Derry, NH
    Rita Zaccone - Nashua, NH
    Barbara Bishop - Plaistow, NH
    Lillianne Campbell - 
    Ivy Ford - 
Winner Barbara Bishop Ms. NH Senior America 1998

1999: Directors: Mary Griffin and  her assistant Pat Ranadazzo
Venue - Promises to Keep - Derry NH 
Winner - Jacqueline Elsmore, Ms. NH Senior America 1999

2000: Director: NONE - (Mary Griffin retired and there was no one to continue.)
For the next two years Wally and Hope Heath found delegates, for states without directors, (NH, ME, MA and CT.), who were sent to a regional Coronation - Neville Resort Catskill Mountains, NY. 
MC - Ethel Bennett
NH Delegate: Irmgard Hoppe, Ms. NH Sr. Am. 2000 - Portsmouth, NH

2001: Director: None. (Hope and Wally Heath found delegate)
Venue -
New England Regional Coronation ; Neville Resort, Catskill Mountains, NY
MC - Ethel Bennett 
NH Delegate - Janice Berry, Ms. NH Senior America 2000 (Dover, NH)

2002: Director - Janice Berry (Former children's pageant director)
Venue - Moose Club, Dover, NH
MC- Janice Berry, National VIP - Sonia Mittelstedt, Ms. Senior America 1998
Judges - Hope Heath (Chair), Barbara Lavalle, Ed Mittelstedt,
Dr. Stephanie Foisy Mills
    Phyllis Cheslock - Dover, NH
    Nora Perez - Portsmouth, NH
    Irene Robie - Manchester, NH (1st runner-up)
    Barbara Jacques - Salem, NH
    Dorothea Gilleran - Manchester, NH
Winner - Phyllis Cheslock, Ms. NH Senior America 2002 (Dover, NH)  

2003: Director - NONE (Hope and Wally Heath delegated)
Venue - Showcase
Delegate - Christa Hill, Ms. NH Senior America 2003 (Lee NH)

Christa Hill came home from the National Pageant inspired by Pinky O'Neil, to get a pageant going in NH again.  She met Wally Heath at McDonald in Lee, NH and was encouraged to call Irmagard Hoppe and start a Board of Directors.  It all began.  While eating lunch at Yoken's with Irmgard and Geoge Hoppe. George asked the owner to be a sponsor, and the ball was rolling.  

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1987: Director - None
The first contestant to participate in the Nation Pageant was a delegate named Eva St. Denis - (Manchester, NH).

1988:  Director - None
Genie Court, - (Portsmouth NH), went to the Nationals as a delegate and returned with a vision of a local pageant for ladies in New Hampshire.  This was the beginning of over 23 years of pageants that would see many beautiful, talented women take the stage and vie for the honor of becoming Ms. NH Senior America.  That hour would offer them the opportunity to compete at the National level. 

1989: Director, Genie Court
Venue - theater in Portsmouth, NH
MC's - Dick Court / Genie Saunders (Court)
    Florence Adams
    Kathryn Mason
Winner - Kathryn (Kate) Mason - Ms. NH Senior America 1990 - (Salem, NH)

1991: Director - Genie Court
Venue - Yoken's Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH - November 1990)
MC's -  Dick Court / Genie Saunders (Court)
Winner - Helene Lefebvre, Ms. NH Senior America 1991 - (Manchester, NH)

1992: Director, Genie Court
Venue - Yoken's Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH (November 3, 1991)
MC's - Dick Court / Genie Saunders (Court)
Judges - Ruth Gibson Red Grant, Maggie Solomon, Josie Tolson, and Frank Yeaw.
Contestants - 
    Ramona Stafford - Choconua NH
    Margaret Noury - Laconia, NH
    Corrine Lighthall - Hampton, NH
    Irmgard Hoppe - Rye, NH
    Mary Griffin - Windham, NH
    Betty Fournier - Celeste Boucher
Winner - Margaret Noury, Ms. NH Senior America 1992

1993: Director, Genie court
Venue - Yoken's Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH (November 15, 1992)
MC's -  Dick Court / Genie Saunders (Court)
Winner - Mary Griffin, Ms. NH Senior America 1993

1994: Director, Genie Court
Venue - Yoken's Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH (November 14, 1993)
MC's -  Dick Court / Genie Saunders (Court)
Judges - Fran Altman (Chair), Debra Anshewitz, Red Grant, Maggie Solomon, Josie Tolson and Frank Yeaw
    Norma Lynda Berk - Chester, NH
    Barbara Bishop - Plaistow, NH (1st. runner-up)
    Hope Heath - Windham, NH
    Jinny Baily Muniz - Hampton, NH
    Ethel Pollard - Hampton Beach, NH 
    Shirley r. Shockcor - Plainfield, NH 
Winner - Hope Heath Ms. NH Senior America 1994 

1995: Director, Genie Court
Venue - Little Harbor School, Portsmouth School (November 6, 1994)
MC's Dick Court / Genie Saunders (Court)
    Mert Rogers
    Joanie Freeman - Derry, NH 
Winner - Joanie Freeman, Ms. NH Senior America 1995

1996: Director - Genie Court
Venue - Little Harbor School, Portsmouth School (November 5, 1995)
MC's - Dick Court / Genie Sunders (Court), 
    National VIP's - Maureen Donavan (Ex Dr.),
    Mirian Adamson Ms. Sr. Am. 1995, and Jan Dickinson Ms. Sr. Am. 1986
Judges - Nancy Fulford, Howie Leonard, Maralin Manning, Anthony Pasquale,        and Mary Z. Walker 
    Gisele Avore - Gorham, NH (1st. runner-up / queen)
    Lila Berry - Portsmouth, NH 
    Regina "Jean" Galvan - Windham, NH
    Irmgard Hoppe - Rye, NH
    Dolores Hurley - Manchester, NH 
Winner - Lila Berry, Portsmouth was crowned; but due to family health issues did relinquish her crown to the First runner-up Whom Lila Crowned at a showcase. 
Gisele Avore Ms. NH Senior America 1996 Gorham NH, went to the national in Biloxi MS. 

The Ms. New Hampshire Senior America Pageant 

Ms. West Virgina Senior America