The Ms. New Hampshire Senior America Pageant 

Ms. West Virgina Senior America

Ms. New Hampshire Senior America 2006
Myrian Fonseca

AARP, Cameo Club

Special Interests:
Writing Poetry, singing in Spanish,Gardening and Family

Volunteer Work:
Vista volunteer for the Spanish
Community in Manchester, New Hampshire


St. Vincent de Paul Society
Ms. New Hampshire Senior America

   My personal philosophy of life is based on overcoming misfortunes and the obstacles life deals you.  I have found that dwelling on a negative situation only makes us unhappy and having a negative attitude because of it not only affects you but also the people around you.  The best way to overcome this is by not shying away from the situation but by dealing with it head on and to think positive while you are getting through it.  Everything in life is fixable.  Find the courage to move forward and not fall behind.  I was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America.  In 1978, I came to the United States with my husband, two small children two suitcases and a lot of dreams.  Our goal was to provide a better life for our children.  Every family struggles but when you are new to a country, the struggles are twice as hard to overcome.  As a foreigner you never really feel that you belong.  In 1993, I fulfilled a dream that made me belong fully to this great nation of ours, I became a United States Citizen. Dreams only come true if you make them happen.    
    This past year was a year I will never forget.  It was a great honor to represent our senior woman for the state of New Hampshire.  The trip to Las Vegas was very active and interesting and it was wonderful that I was able to share that once in a lifetime experience with my daughter by my side.  throughout the year I met a lot of wonderful people I will never forget. I perform at times with the Cameo club when they did their usual Cameo showcases around the state and I was also welcomed to perform with the Silver Stars at Manchester's Palace theater.  I had the honor of participating in the Manchester Veteran's Day Parade along side our true American Heroes and I even had a radio interview with our own Master of Ceremonies, Charlie Sherman.  I would like to thank my family, friends, boss, and Ann LaForce (Ms. New Hampshire Senior America 2005) for their continued support over the past year.  An extended special thanks also to the New Hampshire Board of Directors, especially to Wally and Hope Heath and Irmgard and George Hoppe.  The national organization is extremely lucky to have such a dedicated and hardworking bunch.  To the 2007 contestants - you are all lovely and graceful women. do your best, smile and stay positive as you take this journey but remember that only one of you will be chosen to be the new representative of New Hampshire.  Be gracious and find joy in the success of others and realize that no matter who gets the title you are all winners; because this not a simple journey to take.

Good Luck to all of you  Myrian Fonseca, Ms. New Hampshire Senior America 2006