Ms. New Hampshire Senior America 2000
Irmgard Hoppe


Moose Lodge
New Hampshire Cameo Club

Special Interests:
Collecting Dolls and Coins
Crocheting and Embroidering
Music and Cooking

Singing and Concertina

New England Regional Pageant

The Ms. New Hampshire Senior America Pageant 

Ms. West Virgina Senior America

2007 Pageant was dedicated to Irmgard Hoppe
    A German Born American Citizen, Irmgard Hope from Rye, New Hampshire.  She was President of the Ms. NH SR AM Cameo club and member of the Ms NH SR AM Board of Directors.  She holds the title of Ms NH SR AM 2000 but also she has been awarded Ms. Congeniality many times as a contestant in state pageants.  That is not surprising, Irmgard lived her philosophy, which states her commitment to be honest, truthful, and loyal and to lend a open ear and a helping hand to all.  Irmgard did all these things in her daily life but had been especially helpful throughtout her pageant association.

    Irmgard had gone beyond the call of duty in fund raising and serving the pageant needs in many capacities.  Among Irmgard's volunteer experiences with her songs, dances and concertina all over New England and teaching German to children in the schools. Because she worked in the Portsmouth NH at the Old King's department store, the popular Yohen's Restaurant Gift Shop and in the Government Passport Office, plus her entertaining,  Irmgard was well known.  Ask, "Do you know Irmgard Hoppe?"  The answer is "SURE she is terrific!.  Yes, Irmgard is terrific one could write much more if space permitted and could note her prisoner of war experiences during World War II when a bomb took all her hair off and she was separated from family.  She had not found one sister.  We could tell of her 911 ambulance ride in which she died and was brought back to life to entertain again.  (We are so glad) Loving, giving, helpful, entertaining and thoughtful Irmgard and her husband, George resided in Rye, NH along with cockatiels and a puppy.  Many beautiful photographs in her German outfits. They all picture Irmgard's beauty from within.  By Gnie Court