Growing up, Barbara was always tiny so she was nicknamed Peanut.  She was the smallest one in her class so when they had to line up by size she was always first.  In high school the departing seniors gave her the honor of being the shortest person in the class. Barbara is still the shortest of her the name Peanut follows her where ever she goes.  Barbara doesn't mind because everyone knows that the best things come in small packages. 

Barbara Danais was born and raised in New Jersey.  She moved to New Hampshire in 1978.  She has three children and four grandchildren.

At the age of forty-eight, Barbara earned her AS in Business Administration, with highest honors, from the UNH and pursed her BA in Communications at UNHM and FAU.  She presented her research at DEPAUW University"s Under Graduate Communication Honor's Conference in 1994, received the "Writing Across the Curriculum"  award from UNHM in 1995, and was inducted into PHI Beta Kappa in 1995.

Barbara's role as the Director of Human Resources allowed her to expand her organization and communication skills.  While composing training seminars, publishing newsletters, and presenting motivational speeches were rewarding, it was Barbara's knack for making people feel at ease that enabled them to take her words to heart. 

Music and dancing have always been Barbara's passion.  Growing up, her holidays included singing accompanied by unconventional instruments like strumming a broom or blowing on a comb wrapped in wax paper.  Barbara modified that tradition in her music therapy groups where she creates, produces, and choreographs "VAUDEVILLE" style shows for the memory impaired. "musical becomes Magical" when unresponsive patients tap their feet to the beat of a song.  Whether she's singing Girl Scout songs or being the stage manager/choreographer for the Vienna, VA, Light Opera Company, if there is music. Barbara is there. 

Barbara is excited to be a part of MS. Senior America because she thrives on new opportunities to inspire seniors to achieve their "optimal enjoyment of life."

Ms. New Hampshire Senior America 2013
Barbara Danais

Windham NH

Windham Woman's Club - 1st. VP,
Windham Senior Center
Nashua Senior Center
WWC Book Club
Wellspring Chorus
Silver Lining Chorus
Smile Awhile music group
The Classics music group
Home Health Hospice Care
NH Ski club
East Hampstead Kayak Club

The Ms. New Hampshire Senior America Pageant 

Ms. West Virgina Senior America