Born in St. Louis, April lived most of her young life in the Southwest, later moving to the East Coast and for the last seventeen years has called Derry, NH home.  Having lost her life partner in 2009, she continues to do the work in which they both believed.  She has three children and two grandchildren. 

April's passion centers on the connection between mind and body at any human developmental stage, from childhood to adulthood.  A key interest is in working with children affected by 9/11 through BETA-PLACE- she has produced a series of CDs that are now being used in the public school system in many states as well as in foreign countries. Running workshops for the teachers to help these children heal through the use of meditation, she does the same work with those undergoing treatment for cancer.  She believes that an individual's potential to achieve their personal best begins with understanding how what we think affects what we are able to accomplish. An accomplished teacher and spiritual guide, she tirelessly teaches classes and conducts individual coaching sessions to help us be the best we can be.   With a strong underlying belief in our individual spiritual nature, she strives to communicate that it is never too late for anyone to work to become the person that they are meant to be. It is always about the individual and accomplishing their life dreams and passions.

A natural outdoors-woman, she belongs to Meet-Ups and particularly loves the kayaking, hiking and dancing opportunities with like-minded folks that it provides. Believing that what we eat is closely tired to achieving optimal health; she loves to cook from scratch, favoring organic foods for meals she creates for friends and family. 

A new interest of April's is writing poetry.  At the competition for Ms. NH Senior America, her presentation of her poem "Climbing the Mountain" left everyone in the room with a tear in their eyes.  It was a tribute to every women who has sought love, married, raised a family and wondered if the efforts they made would be enough to help themselves and those that they loved reach the mountain peak in a life well-lived.

April is delighted to have been chosen to represent NH as a Ms. NH Senior America.  She looks forward to all the opportunities it will provide to help seniors understand that their silver years offer so much in the way of personal growth and satisfaction for a life well-lived. 

Ms. New Hampshire Senior America 2014

April Sheerin 


Derry NH 

Organization social network Beta Place
Wigwam spiritual center for Native America teaching


Working with children for Native America
Teaching meditation at Beta Place
Working with women in RI
with breast cancer
Heal Now fundraising for two orphanages
in Peru
Wigwam historical site in
Onset, MA


​Recite an original poem
"Climbing the Mountain"
written by myself 

Special Interest 

​Working with people of all ages, teaching meditation and centering
All Topics relating to the brain and how it functions
Religion and it's history
Kayaking, hiking, dancing, writing, music, and organic cooking


First place in s sculpturing contest
Multiple recognition of volunteer work

The Ms. New Hampshire Senior America Pageant 

Ms. West Virgina Senior America