Ms. New Hampshire Senior America

Men Behind The Scenes

 The Ms Senior America is about the elegance of women. 
This page is Dedicated to the men behind the scenes for all their Support and Dedication to these women of elegance

  Dr. Al Mott - Founder of Senior America Inc.

I would like to invite every American who has reach the age of elegance "60 and over" to join our wonderful sisterhood/brotherhood. 
Our organization provides the basis for motivating seniors to lead an active, productive life style.  I also want to challenge all 51 states to form directorships and produce state pageants.  

 Wally Heath & Hope Heath Ms. Sr. 1994

Thanking Wally Heath for his years of dedication. Wally has follow Hope through her Journey as Ms NH Sr. America 1994.  Has also follow each queen and video all the New Hampshire pageants and the National pageants.  Wally tireless dedication as he continues to do this for the Ms. NH Senior America until 2013.  He had days and hours reviewing each of his video tape. Editing them to get that unique part and up loading them to YouTube.  So when you click on the Talent of one of our beautiful women you are able to view her live talent, or when reading the queen page, you will be able to click and view her crowning, evening gown walk, and hear as she tells her philosophy of life.

   Hap Holland

Hap Holland enjoyed being Barbara Bishop Ms. NH Sr. Am. 1998 dance partner. He also Dance with Hope Heath Ms. NH Sr. Am. 1994. Sang Irish songs at perfomances and he still Dances.
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