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July 25, 2013
 Read the story on WMUR on Danais' passion and drive 

July 28, 2013
Windham resident Barbara Danais, 70, performs a John Denver tune during the Ms. N.H. Senior America crowning ceremony held at the Windham Cable Access studio

Aug. 27, 2013
Barbara Danais, Ms. N.H. Senior America: 'I've Still Got It'

Aug. 29, 2013
Nashua Telegraph - Windham - Barbara Danais of Windham was crowned Ms. NH Senior America 2013,d.cWc

Aug 30, 2013
Windham Grandma wins Ms. NH Senior America Crown

September 5, 2015

Ms Senior America Pageant 
The Ms Senior America Pageant begins this coming Sunday, October 20th in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Barbara Danais, Ms NH Senior America 2013 will represent New Hampshire as she competes against other women, age 60 and older, for the national title of Ms Senior America 2013.  The winner is given the opportunity to inspire women across the nation so that they recognize their potential and ability to contribute to society and to inspire them to reach their optimal level of satisfaction and enjoyment in life.  

Since former Queens all agree that the most important part of the pageant is the five minute interview segment with the judges, Barbara’s preparation has composed of a list of over 250 questions that might be asked.  Her goal is to answer with sincerity, intelligence, and humor. 

One question that Barbara anticipates is to name her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.  Her answer, which is limited to one minute or less, is:  “My greatest strength is my outgoing friendly personality because it draws people to me like a magnet.  When someone feels comfortable they share on a deeper level and they become more receptive to what I have to say.  Therefore, my ability to inspire them increases because they will take my words to heart.  My greatest weakness is ‘CHOCOLATE!”  I just can’t resist. 

       Another question that Barbara anticipates is to explain how she would promote the mission of Ms. Senior America.  Barbara is ready for that question because she started her campaign to increase the recognition and credibility of Ms Senior America immediately following her coronation.  Barbara started an online forum called “Dear Peanut” where women can share their challenges and concerns of aging while other women share ideas to resolve the issues.  Her modern day version of “Dear Abby” connects to the NH state page so it exposes the participants to the NH Senior America program.  Barbara intends to let the judges know that “Dear Peanut” could easily become a national icon and serve women all across the country instead of just the women in New Hampshire.
Unlike the Miss America Pageant that focuses on the physical attributes of a contestant, Ms Senior America is all about having the right philosophy of life as a senior.  Because each delegate has only 35 seconds to express herself, Barbara chose a song in the public domain so that she could write new lyrics that restate her philosophy.  In addition to hearing her philosophy for a second time, Barbara hopes that the judges will recognize her ability to find resourceful and creative ways to reach her audience.   Her song, “Look for the Silver Lining” by DeSylva and Kearn is enhanced by her silver gown that is so bling …  that the judges better put on their sunglasses!

Barbara’s philosophy is :
Winston Churchill said that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  I saw an elderly woman carried from her wheel chair to a recumbent tricycle.  The moment her feet touched the pedals her disability vanished!  That’s attitude!  If you look for the silver lining in life by combining a positive attitude with the art of thinking out of the box, you can do just about anything!

       Barbara’s lyrics to “Look for the Silver Lining” is:
As we face the challenges of growing kind of old
Attitude sets the pace, so we’ve oft been told
Please agree to follow me, stay positive and say
Thinking Out of the Box, is the only way to …. Look for the silver lining

Barbara has a big favor to ask of you.  She needs your help in putting New Hampshire on the map!  Please go to  to join her “Dear Peanut” forum and participate in the discussions so that the judges will see the potential of a how to utilize modern technology to empower women.  return to list 

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