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This is a continuation of Barbara's journey .  pictures will be on the Barbara's Journey page just click list at the end of each story coming to this page and return to the list and photo's return to list

Oct.14, 2013 Meeting with Potential VP of the new NH Board of Directors 
In the beginning of my journey, I meet an outstanding woman named, Tammi.  Tammi has many years of experience in marketing.  While she is just starting her own business, she is in the proce
Oss of raising $5,000 by December 15th for a special project for women.  Without a doubt, Tammi is the most positive enthusiastic woman I have ever met.  She pumps me up with encouragement and I know that she will be a big asset on the NH Ms Senior America Board of Directors.  I am confident, that with Tammi in charge of marketing and fundraising, that NH will back on it's feet in a wink! return to list

Oct. 14, 2013 NH Cameo Club 
The NH Cameo club performed this afternoon in Portsmouth New Hampshire.  Because there were only four of us, each of us doubled, tripled, and quadrupled the number of acts we did for the audience.  I wore my new silver bling gown that I am wearing for my talent at national.  The judges better be wearing their sun glasses because I am shining brighter than the sun.  The audience was very attentive and expressed their appreciation of our time and effort in visiting with them. return to list 
Oct. 15, 2013 My Neighborhood 
I live in a 55 and over neighborhood so I am hoping to find at least one candidate to apply for the 2014 crown.  Windham Meadows is a very active group of seniors that do anything from bowling to playing dominos.  Check out the picture of today's game. return to list

Oct. 16, 2013 WCTV Chatting over the Crown interview 
Kathy Salanitro, Ms NH Senior America 2011 is the host of Windham Community Television Channel 21.  She interviewed me today to bring viewers up to date with the Ms Senior America Pageant that begins this coming Sunday.  I am leaving for New Jersey in just three days and a week from today, I will be on stage for the second preliminaries of the national competition.  Kathy asked about my preparation for nationals and I explained how I incorporated my philosophy into my talent so that I could present it to the judges twice.  Hopefully, they will recognize it and think that I am a woman who knows how to get her point across to the audience.  I shared how my "Dear Peanut" on-line forum is unique and how it can be easily utilized on a national level to help women cope with the challenges of aging and to bring recognition to Ms Senior America. Kathy also invited me to show her viewers the new black and silver gown that I will wear for the evening gown competition.  I did the "walk" and tried to look relaxed and graceful.  The gown in a bit too low cut in the front so I will be wearing a lace cami to cover the cleavage at nationals.  Kathy really liked the gown and noted that the silver trim is in keeping with my theme of looking for the silver lining.  Kathy also invited me to perform my talent since it had changed from the song I presented at my coronation.  The judges better put on their sunglasses because my gown is bling ... bling ... bling!  Just think ... the next time that I wear the gown, I will be on stage at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.  This JERSEY GIRL is returning to her roots!  return to list

Oct. 17, 2013 Silver Stars at the Palace Theater 
The senior group from the Palace theater rehearsed again today.  I am watching the cast very closely so that I can recommend a few of the women for the next pageant. return to list

Oct. 17, 2013 St Patrick's Choir 
I'm not the only senior in the St Patrick's Church choir so I hope to find at least one candidate for the next pageant.  They gathered around me for a special prayer that God will bless me throughout the pageant.  They are very supportive of me and of my philosophy that the outcome will be whatever God wants.  Since He is the source of my silver linning, I know that He will shower me with blessing while I sing and play my guitar at nationals. return to list

Oct. 18, 2013 The Classics Music therapy Group 
This is the last performance of my music therapy group, The Classics, before heading to the Ms Senior America national pageant in Atlantic City.   Our performance at All Generations was an eye opener because the baby boomers are starting to arrive.  Naturally, the 50's set with The Witch Doctor and Diana were the favorites of the day.  This is one of my favorite volunteer projects because I never seem to get tired of singing and dancing. return to list

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